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Expect heavy traffic on Grasscrete

Grasscrete provides a permeable grass reinforcement solution, with excellent grass cover combined with a strong concrete under structure for all types of traffic.

Widely specified as a grass covered car park solution Grasscrete has proven sustainable credentials with a wide variety of applications emergency access, car parking and slope protection to name just a few.

But it’s in the specialist projects however where Grasscrete’s load bearing capabilities really makes a difference. The system can take loads of up to 40 tonnes almost immediately after the concrete is cured, with no need to wait until the grass grows, a problem common to many other grass paver types. Once in place and fully established Grasscrete doesn’t draw attention to itself or to the installations that it serves. Grass cover is quickly established providing a green landscaped area, often blending with the surroundings.

If you want to see just what it looks like from above and how easily Grasscrete integrates into green environments; the grass covering quickly conceals the tough concrete structure underneath for vehicle traffic. Then take a look at Google Earth 53 39’05.12’’N 1 23’14.92W, where you just see concealed Grasscrete used for verge parking for up to 70 cars, for a National Trust venue, helping to maintain the landscape without spoiling the view.

Grasscrete is a fully reinforced cast on site process for which Grass Concrete offers its own installation service; that can also include excavation and sub-base works. The permeable structure doesn’t require separate piped drainage and can be incorporated into Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDS) schemes.

As more and more architects and building specifiers insist on going green, Grasscrete brings a hard wearing practical solution to ground reinforcement and green car parking.

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