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Vertical landscaping in retaining walls

Grass Concrete Ltd is one of the UK's most experienced suppliers of sustainable environmental systems. A 40 year track record in SUDS and the best known grass reinforcement system worldwide, known as Grasscrete is now widely incorporated into all sorts of urban projects including flood alleviation and car parking.

Lately there has been growing demand for vertical landscape options in urban areas and concrete retaining walls provides the possibility to add a variety of planting as an alternative to what would be otherwise dull and un-inspiring structures.

Grass Concrete’s retaining wall range, Betoconcept provides a popular living wall opportunity, bringing together both structural integrity and a variety of landscape design options. The Betoconcept brand is a patented walling range incorporates; Betoatlas, Betoflor, Betotitan, Leromur, Betojar and Betonap products.

Its wide choice brings different shapes and styles to accommodate planting on high or low walls. With individual interlocking blocks and dry-build interconnectivity the range offers the ability to free-form wall layouts in single or terraced wall format.

Retaining walls may demand all sorts of curves and angles to avoid all sorts of obstructions on site. Betoatlas can be simply constructed into a long sweeping concave curve using the tolerance provided by the interlocking lugs on each Betoatlas unit, with the added benefit of no cutting to the blocks.

Betoconcept blocks provide adequate soil pockets for all types of plants, shrubs and climbers. Good drainage and water capture with the stepped bank also helps keep landscape maintenance to a minimum. Using the depth for landscaping means significant growth can benefit both sound suppression and help get quick landscaping results across a wide walled area.

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