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Beto for curved vertical landcsaping

Grass Concrete Ltd has a a 40 year track record with a product range of environmentally sympathetic building and civil engineering including the Betoconcept range of retaining living walls offering varied shape, colour and planting options.

The Betoconcept brand is a patented walling range incorporating: Betoatlas, Betoflor, Betotitan, Leromur, Betojar and Betonap products. The growing use of these segmental concrete retaining walls gives the option for vertical landscaping as an alternative to what would be otherwise dull and un-inspiring structures.

The need to re-model the contours of a site brings with it a host of challenges for any retaining wall system including sites with severe slopes or difficult ground conditions. The flexibility of the Betoconcept range means the different styles are often used in combination on a single site, to cope with complex curves, ground embankments, changes of height and site obstructions.

Grass Concrete’s rsnge brings choice and different shapes and styles to accommodate planting on high or low walls. With individual interlocking blocks made from high strength machine pressed concrete the range can be a free-form wall layout in single or terraced wall format.

On sites across the UK Betoconcept is a proven retaining wall solution with an added dimension for vertical landscaping

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