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Grasscrete now with 40 years of sustainable credentials

Grass Concrete Ltd was formed in 1970 to market the then new 'Grasscrete' invention. Launching a new product back then was very different to today, especially when your product had any kind of environmental theme.

What was clear then however was the mountain that needed to be climbed in shifting mindsets. Some of the early sales calls highlighting environmental benefits could be described as “Missionary Work”, whereas these same features are now considered essential to today’s sustainable blueprint.

For the uninitiated, Grasscrete is a reinforced cellular concrete paving system that allows grass growth, permitting natural drainage. A product that when launched was way ahead of its time and is now enjoying quite a renaissance with specifiers and contractors looking for environmental friendly construction products. With 40 years of installations Grasscrete is a familiar choice for grass reinforcement / external works with projects including car parking, river spill ways and all sorts of urban landscaping.

Over the years Grass Concrete has adopted a strict FIT FOR PURPOSE policy, as key to achieving sustainability for any grass paving system. Further additions have been made to the grass paving range, Grassblock; a pre-cast system and the plastic honeycomb system; Grassroad.

Today’s options for grass reinforcement means plenty of choice with all manner of performance and sustainability claims. Plastic paving systems for instance have a role to play but it is felt caution should be exercised when specifying in locations where heavy and frequent use, grip, anchorage and percolation are factors to be considered.

Grasscrete has become something of a generic reference to all things grass paving and is often confused with other types. With 40 years of installations big and small Grass Concrete are happy to provide that specialist knowledge, after all we have a product with arguably some of the best sustainability credentials on the market.

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