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Bulk storage in waste stations just got simpler with BINWALL

Grass Concrete Limited's BINWALL system has proved its performance in bulk handling and waste recycling throughout the UK.

Viridor is one of the UK’s leading recycling, renewable energy and waste management companies and Grass Concrete has so far installed BINWALL at their sites in Manchester, Sheffield and Dunbar. Viridor’s operations consist of the full range of recycling and recovery facilities, including waste to energy plants, materials recycling facilities (MRF’s) and glass, plastic and electrical recycling operations.

Most recently at Viridor’s waste site at Salmon Pastures in Sheffield 10 bays of BINWALL have been assembled for bulk handling of recycled materials (46 truckloads of BINWALL with more than 1000 units).

Phil Baker, Project Manager at Viridor said,

“The Binwall system is an affordable and fast solution to constructing bays for holding waste and recycled material. They can easily fit into any site regardless of size and shape, and are also versatile and can be moved around. We have found them useful across the business, at our Trafford Park depot in Manchester, Salmon Pastures glass recycling facility and MRF in Sheffield and at Rigmuir in Scotland.”

The simple to install BINWALL system is made up of individual interlocking concrete dry laid blocks and can be built up to 4m high forming either individual or a series of loading bays. The modular design consists of two sizes of units that simply bond together like a giant version of a well known children’s building block to form the required bay layout.

The flexibility of the dry laid BINWALL can help improve the on-site logistics and handling efficiency and prevents dissimilar materials combining together. All that is required is a level concrete base on which to install the BINWALL, site layouts are easily planned using 1500mm standard and 750mm end units and Grass Concrete assist with a plan layout service.

The 1500 X 750 x 400mm concrete units feature a simple modular interlock that creates a rigid structure able to withstand the rigours of materials handling and yet is sufficiently flexible to cushion impact from loading machinery.

Grass Concrete delivered 46 lorry loads of BINWALL to Viridor’s Sheffield project; offloading units directly into the finished wall position. The unloading and placing into position of each load of 26 units directly from the lorry took approximately just one hour.

A BINWALL bay is easily installed, with modular units positioned directly from a grab lorry onto either a concrete base slab or for internal applications, the existing floor of a building; in each case avoiding the need for expansive storage areas on site.

BINWALL is designed and built for all types of bulk handling and allows customers to redesign its on-site layout as and when required. The modular structure can be simply reorganised to accommodate new loading bay arrangements, changing vehicle sizes or different materials.

It is suitable for both indoor and outside materials handling and can be seen in many of today’s indoor waste handling stations. As a dry laid system it is simply positioned and can be easily re-located to other sites, making it the ideal specification for short term installations.

BINWALL creates a vertical enclosure with no tapering or projections making it ideal for pusher wall applications. The uninterrupted structure limits the build up of maintenance consuming residue, as well as enabling a simple calculation of actual capacity to be gained.

A flexible system BINWALL is certainly making its mark in the bulk handling industries

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