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Grasscrete Car Parks - A Greener Solution

Getting greener solution to high carbon footprint car parks is potentially a massive environmental step forward. Grass covered car parks might be considered unviable with the typical British weather but Grasscrete means you don't get stuck in the mud.

Grasscrete provides a permeable paving solution while maintaining a strong concrete under structure for heavy traffic. Grass cover is quickly establishes to get the best possible green, sustainable drainage credentials. Here Grass Concrete explain the latest update When you take a look at the Grasscrete installation right in the heart of Dublin's greenest location, Phoenix Park, many would be surprised to find that concrete forms the core structure of the large grass covered car park at the Farmleigh location in the North West of the park. Farmleigh the former home to the Guinness Brewing family now operates as both major visitor attraction and venue for many Government events and visiting dignitaries. During its recent renovation a requirement for car parking for up to 350 cars whilst maintaining a natural green perspective was vital, as was the need for a sustainable structure for daily traffic, heavy load potentials, coaches and busy traffic for events. With a previously successful application at the Irish President's Residence the Aras an Uachtarain, Grasscrete was the system specified by the Office of Public Works. With proven success in car park applications in environmentally sensitive areas Grasscrete's use could be incorporated with minimal impact on the natural vista when not in use. At Farmleigh under 'normal' use the car park would be expected to have daily trafficking with up to 350 vehicles and key factors included  The car park needed to be 'zoned' to enable controlled parking with the potential for rotation.  The natural grassland vista of the mansion had to be maintained with elimination of elements such as road kerbs and street furniture.  The grass paving would need to accept surface water run-off from its own footprint and that of adjacent access roads avoiding the need for wide scale drainage works. With its reinforced concrete cast on site structure Grasscrete was selected as the preferred system. Available in depths from 76 to 150mm the 100mm thick GC1 type was specified, with A252 (8mm diameter) mesh the surface would be able to cater for traffic up to 13.3 tonnes to include areas allocated to coach parking. To create the car park zoning the Grasscrete was specified for the parking areas with access roads constructed in a network of asphalt surfaced aisles. Each aisle was to be formed with cross falls directed towards the Grasscrete to enable collection of surface water run-off. The integral solid concrete edges to the Grasscrete enabled kerbs to be eliminated with the asphalt finishing directly up to the edge of the Grasscrete. Within each aisle of Grasscrete individual parking bays were to be created by casting monolithic solid concrete strips within the surface extending across the bay. With the individual soil pockets fully protected by concrete surrounds the surface could be used prior to grass growth, enabling a phased handover of this successful application. As more and more architects and building specifiers insist on going green, Grasscrete brings a hard wearing practical solution to green car parking

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