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Betoconcept brings new landscape to retaining walls

Many of today's garden and boundary walls now feature planting, colour, shape and textured finish bringing landscaping to vertical areas.

Its patented Betoconcept system is widely specified for both strong structural quality and planting versatility. Dry built blocks interlock to form the required face angle and provide adequate soil pockets for all types of plants, shrubs and climbers. Good drainage and water capture with the stepped bank helps keep landscape maintenance to a minimum.

Beto is available in three colour choices and hollow cores for planting or solid split stone finish these green planted retaining walls bring a new landscape without taking up valuable footprint area.

A recent grounds extension at Holme Valley Memorial Hospital in Holmfirth featured Betoconcept for a high curved retaining wall.

Nestled at the base of the Pennine Hills lies Holmfirth, home to long running TV series, Last of the Summer Wine. Pennine stone is the predominant theme and using Betoatlas walling to 6m high and 500mm deep in buff colour blended well into the natural stone environment.

Early excavation involved a cut into a 1 in 2 slope to get a level site and work began on the 6 metre high structure combined with an upslope. The backfill area was reinforced with a BetoNap textile grill.

A particular feature in the construction was a geometric approach to turning the wall around the site boundary, rather than curving the wall in the normal manner, segmental panels were constructed. Each panel came together with discrete cuts to the block faces that together with the continuous layers of geo-grid reinforcement helped to maintain structural integrity.

Landscaped in the various soil blocks the Beto wall soon developed with climbers and shrubs.

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