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After almost 40 years of focusing on environmental paving at ground level Grass Concrete Limited finally hits the roof!

Hope you like the new website, the navigation is much the same as before, free from slow loading flash but high in content. A major new addition is our move into the Green Roofing sector, with our brand new Grassroof system. To encourage the widespread use of this important technology we've introduced a system that's designer, user and cost friendly and is suited to both new build and retro-fit applications. Just like our successful Grasscrete paving system, Grassroof will be available on a Worldwide basis either through our network of Licensees or in the absence of representation direct from us here in the UK. The addition of a new and exciting product into our Licencing portfolio makes becoming one of our Licensees an even better prospect. If you don't see a Licensee for your country in our contact list why not contact us for more details

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