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Grasscrete in the Philippines

We are happy to announce the completion of a Licence Agreement with our new partners Cypress Bomanite Inc. This will see Grasscrete promoted in the Philippines for the first time in what promises to be a successful relationship. Following negotiations between Ronnie Traballo of Cypress Bomanite and Grass Concrete's Bob Howden sales will commence immediately. This agreement forms another chapter in the 30 year association between Grass Concrete Limited, The Bomanite Corporation and its own Internatiomnal network within the Bomanite Group Inc. Bob Howden says: "There is a natural association between the two product ranges of Grass Concrete and Bomanite that sees our Grasscrete system being an ideal addition to a Bomanite installer's portfolio. With the additional establishment of the Bomanite QC sales network this benefit has never been more evident or more available to our customers. Our research has shown that the Philippines offers tremendous potential for Grasscrete and we look forward to a long association with our new partners Cypress Bomanite".

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