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Confused about plastic grass paver performance levels?

Then you're probably right to be! Let's look at some of the load bearing claims for various plastic grass pavers:- 40 tonnes - 90 tonnes - 100 tonnes per sq.m - 200 tonnes per sq.m - 84,000Ibs per sq.ft - 164,000Ibs per sq.ft - 185 tonnes per sq.m - 2400kN per sq.m - 1830 kN per sq.m - 2200 kN per sq.m - 244 tonnes per sq.m - 120 tonnes per sq.m - 340 tonnes per sq.m - 380 tonnes per sq.m. The choice is simple!! Yet in truth it really is! Inspite of the potentially misleading use of Compression or Flexual tests to suggest suitability a grass paver should be considered within its end-use grassed environment. What happenss in a laboratory very often has scant relevance to what's played out on site. If the combination of grass cover and sub-base support is impaired then plastic pavers irrespective of loading tests will be influenced, particularly when subjected to heavy load and/or wet conditions. Our own approach is to recommend caution in the specification of plastic pavers, including our Grassroad type. Where frequent trafficking is a consideration then the reinforced concrete Grasscrete system is structurally a better and probably a more economical option.

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