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A recently completed project for Loxley Homes of Manchester....

A recently completed project for Loxley Homes of Manchester, England sees BETOATLAS and LEROMUR earth retaining walls in impressive use. For the Godley Heights project near Hyde in Cheshire Loxley Homes selected this range of earth retaining walls to "level up" the sloping site. Within a cut and fill ground remodelling operation walls up to 4 metres high have been constructed at the lower reaches of the site to reduce the cross-site gradient. To create a permanent support for the earth infill the retaining walls were constructed ahead of the ground re-modelling. To enable this a "bunded" structure was created with the structual backill having a reverse slope of 60 degrees. This free-standing structure was then used to contain the fill material as the site levels were re-modelled. The works were undertaken by Grass Concrete's own Contracting Divsion with just 4 weeks being required to place 400square metres of wall and 1500 tonnes of structural backfill.

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