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All manner of permeable solutions exist today for grass pavers and the impact of heavy traffic is one of the big concerns for any grass reinforcement system.

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40 years of expertise in permeable paving 2011-04-13

The advent of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) has seen architects, civil engineers, surveyors being presented with an increasing a variety of permeable paving alternatives as part of the clamour for greener construction products. Grass Concrete Ltd are one UK firm with a 40 year take on the subject.

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Grasscrete now with 40 years of sustainable credentials 2011-04-13

Grass Concrete Ltd was formed in 1970 to market the then new 'Grasscrete' invention. Launching a new product back then was very different to today, especially when your product had any kind of environmental theme.

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Beto for curved vertical landcsaping 2011-04-13

Grass Concrete Ltd has a a 40 year track record with a product range of environmentally sympathetic building and civil engineering including the Betoconcept range of retaining living walls offering varied shape, colour and planting options.

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Vertical landscaping in retaining walls 2011-04-13

Grass Concrete Ltd is one of the UK's most experienced suppliers of sustainable environmental systems. A 40 year track record in SUDS and the best known grass reinforcement system worldwide, known as Grasscrete is now widely incorporated into all sorts of urban projects including flood alleviation and car parking.

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