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Grassroof the environmental solution

For green roof technology to have a significant beneficial effect on our environment then it has to become an "everyday" specification that is easily available for use on both new and existing buildings. A key factor in achieving widespread use is the simplicity of the system and how it is installed.

In developing new Grassroof simplicity has been our principle aim. With a dry fix legged paving unit the system can be quickly and easily installed over roof membranes new or old. This technology enables Grassroof to be specified across the full range of EXTENSIVE, SIMPLE-INTENSIVE or INTENSIVE categories of green roofs.

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The simple yet effective Grassroof system offers the following benefits:

  • Attenuation of surface water run-off including ultimate reduction in run-off levels, reducing potential for flooding.
  • Maintenance of natural levels of evapo-transpiration.
  • Promotion of "green space awareness" benefits, particularly on mid-level roofs.
  • Noise reduction.
  • Improved thermal insulation. reduction in "Urban Heat Island Effect".
  • Balancing through digestion of CO2 levels rising from ground level traffic flow.
  • Protection of the underlying roof membrane from weathering.

The Grassroof system combines the functions of both a paving and a drainage layer. The LS/1 leg supports simply sit on the roof membrane to create a gap to the underside of the paver. With the GRF/1 type this gap is infilled with a lightweight aggregate filter media. For the GRF/2 type the bonded geo-textile to the underside of each unit creates a micro-porous barrier that holds the soil in place but allows water to percolate into a voided drainage waterway below. This enables percolating water to be drained or collected as part of a rainwater harvesting process.

Worldwide licensing opportunities available

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