a range of cellular grassed paving systems in concrete or plastic including the world renowned grasscrete system



and to environmental innovation in our range of paving and walling solutions.

We are a UK based company founded upon the principles of establishing environmental awareness in construction. Since our establishment in 1970 many of our aspirations that were then 'alternative' have now become a part of mainstream policy, adopted by governments and planners around the world. Our core values, however, remain very much the same.

Throughout this website you will find a range of products, themed to these core values:

  • To create greenspace that partners our environment and mitigates harmful side effects of urbanisation
  • The promotion of sustainable practices in Design – Manufacture – Construction – Operation
  • Grassed cellular paving and grass reinforcement in both concrete and plastic that features the unique and internationally successful Grasscrete permeable paving system
  • Earth retaining walls and noise barrier walls from the Betoconcept range that offer a planted or stone finish dry build option
  • A commitment to the use, where possible, of re-cycled materials in construction - a commitment to our environment
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